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Data Intelligence
Increasing the Knowledge of Your Own Curriculum
Run reports to see the gaps and overlaps to refine curriculum for the best results.
Alignment Gap Analysis
View any program competencies or accreditation standards that are not currently covered in your program’s curriculum. This information can then be used to mark where those standards are being covered or to reevaluate whether they need to be included in the curriculum.
Alignment Overlap Analysis
View how many times a program competency or accreditation standard is covered in your program’s curriculum and drilled-down further to view where the alignment is being covered. This information can then be used to gain a better understanding of which alignments are being covered too much and which alignments are not being covered enough.
Concepts not Aligned to Standards
View any concepts that are not currently aligned to standards. This information can then be used to consider whether alignments need to be added or whether the concept should be eliminated if they are not aligning with overall program goals.
Curriculum Analysis
View comprehensive curriculum structure with alignments at various levels of the curriculum, including course, course -> course objective, course -> session, and course -> session -> session objective.
Calendar-Related Reports
Calendar-Related Reports offer a variety of information about the distribution of time throughout the program’s curriculum. View data from time spent on given alignments or instructional methods to faculty hours and workloads.
Custom Reports
Not seeing what you need? Other reports exist in the system, and custom-built reports are also available for specific program needs.
Excited to learn more?
Find out how eCurriculum can improve your school’s curriculum mapping efficiency and provide insights on your curriculum’s gaps and overlaps.
Data Intelligence